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textile sensors by MSP – business unit of Modespitze


Since decades Modespitze Plauen GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of high quality embroidery and lace for home couture and fashion and also co-owner of brand Plauener Spitze ®.

Modespitze did start in 1993 coming out of re-privatization process and is today a in forth generation leaded family owned business. The company has now a more than 100 years old tradition in the German cluster of making finest lace and embroidery.

Since 2008 the company also develops processes and technologies in the branch of technical embroidery/ technical textiles.

Since 2016 the business unit sensor textiles develops sensor preforms for clients, which are used as functional textiles or smart textiles.

Today’s priorities include textile circuits, conductive connections, textile sensors but also wireless data transmissions. Further more electronic components for suitable evaluation of sensor signals are developed with R&D partners.

Sensor textiles by MSP may also support your plans to use conductive textile layouts in a new way. 


TSP – Tailored Sensor Placement by MSP Germany