Textile Sensors by MSP made with Tailored Sensor Placement (TSP)

Textile Sensors by MSP  is a business unit for technical embroidery of  Modespitze Plauen GmbH with developments for the market of technical textiles.

On this page we give a short introduction to a new textile sensor that was developed for (live) monitoring  of fibre reinforced plastics.


  • health monitoring basing on signals that derive directly out of the fibre reinforced part
  • signals are good for measuring and not for detection only
  • we call this integrated system DMC – direct material control


all materials used apply to the matrix of the fibre reinforced structure and do prevent from de-lamination of layers or weakening  components used

process and technology:

  • our system is based on embroidery technology which can add functional components like interconnections and electronic parts to a fabric ground
  • the newly developed application technology is called TSP – tailored sensor placement
  • TSP connects textiles made of glass, aramid, basalt or carbon with functional structures like sensor areas, feed lines and contact points
  • TSP includes also reliable contacts of wires with diameter 0,05 – 0,1 mm, device test and cutting of devices
  • next these sensor preforms are suitable for integration in fibre reinforced parts
  • possible plastic technologies are RTM composite or dry preforming with thermoplastic constructions


all light weight structures made of fibre reinforced components and with need for advanced functional density like device monitoring for security or performance reasons

fields of application:

  • engineering
  • mobility sector
  • wind power plants
  • sports equipment
  • health/ medical devices
  • construction area


If interested, please contact us. Together with our clients and network partners we develop customized systems to realize higher functional density.


TSP – Tailored Sensor Placement by MSP Germany